George W. Bush Still Owes the World an Apology

The people who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 deserved every 20th anniversary reminder that they needed. They can mourn any way they want until the end of time, and if the media continues to follow their heartbreaking and often inspiring stories, it’s understandable.

However, the people responsible for botching the aftermath of the terrorist attack didn’t deserve the funeral porn and historical amnesia staging that we’ve seen all weekend.

And by these people I mean in particular former President George W. Bush, who was appreciated on all the cable news for a short speech with a few good lines. I felt that history required watching him there in Shanksville, PA, where 40 passengers crashed a plane that was supposed to turn the U.S. Capitol into a ball of fire in a bright green meadow near that rural town with 237 inhabitants.

Bush can be lucid at times, but also prone to unexpected expressions of emotion, and I thought, what if he moves today to admit that he missed or ignored all the information that Al-Qaeda carried out a massive attack on all summer planned on the USA? from 2001? Or perhaps more importantly, what if he had confessed to messing up the Afghanistan war so extravagantly, going to Iraq so irresponsibly, killing what? many sources appreciate were hundreds of thousands (Americans were the smallest; most were Afghan and Iraqi civilians)?

What if he just said, “I’m sorry?”

No, I didn’t really expect that. But if we didn’t get something like this, I’m not sure why we were all expected to watch. It was the big news event of a mostly fabricated news day.

Bush’s speech was surprisingly inspiring – if you didn’t know the truth, either that terrible day or the 20 years that followed. (Footnote: We don’t even know exactly where he was that day.) Bush made a lot of the fact that the 40 passengers on United Flight 93 were a random bunch, a flying tin can of anyone who chose to die on purpose rather than let the kidnappers turn them into a weapon. “The 33 passengers and seven crew members of Flight 93 could be any fate chosen group of citizens, ”he said. “In a way, they stood up for all of us. The terrorists soon discovered that a random group of Americans is an extraordinary group of people. Faced with an impossible circumstance, they comforted their loved ones over the phone, prepared each other for action and defeated the plans of evil. “


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