Georgia GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler Just Got Caught Violating the Law

Georgia is Republican Kelly Loeffler the richest member of the United States Senate, but that didn’t stop the nominee Senator from pitching an illegal cash to fund her contested bid for a full term in the Chamber.

Loeffler is involved in a January 5th runoff race with Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat who finished ahead of her in the first vote on November 3rd. She launches a desperate campaign that fills the waves of Atlanta’s air a rush of negative ads and although the multimillionaire could pay it herself, Loeffler is instead appealing for money from across the country to pay for what is possibly the most expensive Senate campaign in history.

The Senator did so on Nov. 18 when she appeared on a Fox News broadcast on the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda. Loeffler did not talk about Senate business that day. She talked about politics and after repeatedly attacking Warnock, the Senator announced, “Well, we know hundreds of millions of dark, liberal funds are pouring into our state. That is why it is so important that everyone around the country get involved. You can visit to raise $ 5 or $ 10 and volunteer. “

The appeal was a direct request for campaign funds made in a federal building. It’s illegal. The section of the Code of Laws of the United States of America Dealing with the procurement of campaign funds in federal buildings, 18 USC 607Clearly states:

Any person who is a federal government official, including the President, Vice President, and members of Congress, is prohibited from soliciting or receiving a monetary donation or other valuable item in connection with any state or local election in a room or building in that a United States official or employee performs official duties, by anyone.

The Code provides harsh penalties for malefactors: “Any person who violates this section will be fined no more than $ 5,000, or imprisonment for a maximum of 3 years, or both.”

Loeffler’s appointment was also in contradiction U.S. Senate Ethics Rules, what state clear that “Senate members and employees are not allowed to receive or solicit campaign contributions in any federal building.”


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