Georgia’s chief election official announces hand recount of presidential results

In risk-limiting audits, not every voting slip is necessarily checked for accuracy. But because of the proximity of the presidential race, this will happen every time you vote in Georgia. Raffensperger said the gap between Biden and Trump is currently only 14,111 votes.

“When you have five million votes and the margin is so tight… mathematically, you actually need to do a full hand-by-hand recount of them all [the ballots]”Raffensperger said, noting that other races with different margins would not require each ballot to be checked.

Raffensperger has been heavily criticized by fellow Republicans in Georgia in the past few days as GOP officials mimicked Trump’s attempts to undermine confidence in the election results. Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called on Raffensperger to resign, claiming, without making any specific allegations, that there had been widespread irregularities in the election.

Raffensperger had previously said he would not resign and he defended the integrity of the Georgian elections.

“It will surely take all the time we still have. It’s a big elevator,” said Raffensperger on Wednesday, noting this the certification period of the state is on November 20th. He noted that a candidate could request a recount after the deadline if the margin is within half a percentage point. However, this recount would be done with scanners and not by hand.

Eric Geller contributed to this report.

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