Gerard Butler’s New ‘Disaster Film’ First Trailer from Greenland

Gerard Butler’s New ‘Disaster Film’ First Trailer from Greenland

The first trailer came from the movie Greenland, where we will watch Scottish actor Gerard Butler in the lead role. In the director’s chair, the production of Angel Has Fallen’s director Ric Roman Waugh sits on a bthat brings the Earth to the brink of extinction.

Finally, Gerard Butler, the successful actress we watched in the 2019 movie Angel Has Fallen, is getting ready to appear with another disaster movie. Greenland, which created excitement with its first trailer, is directed by Ric Roman Waugh, director of Angel Has Fallen.

The film will follow the story of a man (Jeff / Gerard Butler) who tries to protect his wife and little son from a giant comet threatening the Earth. The family, who will go on a long journey where he will race against time to find a safe haven, will try to escape the meteorite rain that destroyed many cities.

Greenland will talk about the experiences of a family trying to escape from a huge comet that threatens the Earth

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Butler said he loved the concept of the family handled in Greenland. Stating that the film initially feels a simple family drama, Scottish actor said, “There is a family struggling to get together in the film. Her sons aren’t sure what’s going on, but something more worrying is developing in the background. And then they face a much bigger, epic, powerful event over which they don’t have control. Their journey gives them a chance to understand what really matters in life. When I read the script, I felt it was a very strong and inspiring message. ”

The movie will be released on August 14, if there is no postponement.

Greenland reunited with director Waugh, who worked together with Angel Has Fallen, and director Waugh; Written by Chris Sparling, who we know from acclaimed films like Buried (2010) and The Sea of ​​Trees (2015). In the movie, we will be watching Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Brandon Quinn and Hayes Mercure as well as Butler.

Promising to give the audience a breathless action and adventure, Greenland will be released on August 14 unless there is any delay due to the coronavirus epidemic. If you wish, let’s leave you with the Greenland trailer without further ado. Have a good time.

Greenland trailer


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