Geronimo owner fears she will never bury alpaca claiming government officials refuse to hand over pet's remains

The owner of the hunted alpaca, Geronimo, fears that she will never bury her pet because government officials have refused to surrender the remains of the animal.

The eight-year-old alpaca was killed on August 31 after Defra officials in protective suits stormed the Gloucestershire farm after the animal tested positive for bovine TB twice.

Owner Helen MacDonald has now announced that government officials have refused to return his remains to her.

Yesterday (12), farmer Helen said: “You will never return corpses to owners or farmers if they suspect a disease.

“Coming home would never have been an option for Geronimo.

“They burned the ‘carcass’ as they called it.

“They wanted me to arrange for him to be killed so they could say I agreed.

“They told me to tell them when he was dead so they could collect the ‘carcass’.”

Following Geronimo’s tragic death, Helen filed a complaint with the British Alpaca Society after the alpaca was removed from their farm in Gloucestershire with a rope around his neck instead of a head collar.

She believes her beloved eight-year-old pet may have been accidentally throttled by Defra officials in the van while it was being removed from the farm.

She said: “I believe he was suffocated and strangled in the horse trailer and, on the contrary, they did not provide video footage.”


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