Get ready to hit the pub beer garden in England next Monday, says PM

According to the Prime Minister, pub beer gardens, zoos, hairdressers, non-essential retail stores and more are due to open in England next Monday (April 12).

Boris Johnson announced today in a briefing on Downing Street that the next phase of the coronavirus easing roadmap will go as planned.

Together with the English chief physician Professor Chris Whitty and the scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance, Mr Johnson said that he himself is looking forward to a cold beer in a week.

At the lectern he said: “I would like to thank you all again for your patience, because it is now really clear that it is paying off.”

He added, “The net result of your efforts, and of course the launch of the vaccine, is that I can confirm today that we will move on to step two of our roadmap from Monday April 12th.

“Reopening of shops, gyms, zoos, holiday campsites, personal care services such as hairdressers and of course beer gardens and all kinds of outdoor hospitality.

“And on Monday the 12th, I’ll go to the pub myself and carefully but irreversibly lift a pint of beer to my lips.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was “absolutely no question” that people would have to show vaccination records to go to the pub or hairdresser if the lockdown continued to ease on Monday.

Speaking to a briefing on Downing Street on Monday, he said: “With Covid Status Certification, as we prefer to call it, the most important thing anyone who listens and watches can say is that there is absolutely no question of whether or not people have asked be able to create a certification or a Covid status report when they go to the shops or the pub garden or their hairdressers or whatever on Monday.

“And in fact we are not planning that for the third stage, May 17th, as you know, we hope for the opening of indoor hospitality and so on.

“We are not planning anything like that at this point.”

Mr Johnson warned people about following the rules of social distancing and hands face space, adding, “We can’t be complacent. We can see the waves of disease that are affecting other countries, and we have seen how this story goes. “

He urged people to poke around when the invitation comes, saying, “Please get your vaccine when it’s your turn and use the free NHS tests even if you don’t feel sick, because remember that one in three people with this virus don’t. ” I have no symptoms. “

The government website has been updated with rules governing what you can and cannot do. These changes will be changed on April 12th.

You can read it “COVID-19 response – spring 2021” (the roadmap outside of the lockdown) More information on how COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in England. You can read that too Law that underpins these changes and the ongoing restrictions.

What will change from April 12th?

  • The non-essential retail trade can be reopened
  • Personal care facilities such as hairdressers and nail salons can be reopened
  • public buildings such as libraries and community centers can be reopened
  • Outdoor restaurants can only be reopened with table service
  • Most outdoor attractions, including zoos, theme parks, and drive-in theaters (such as movie theaters and concerts) are open to reopening
  • Some smaller outdoor events such as festivals, literary fairs, and exhibition grounds can take place
  • Indoor leisure and sports facilities can be reopened to train individually or to train with your household or your support bladder
  • All childcare and supervised activities are permitted for all children, both indoors and outdoors. Parents and children groups can take place both inside and outside for up to 15 people (children under 5 are not included in this number).
  • Weddings, civil wedding ceremonies, guards, and other memorial events can take place for up to 15 people (anyone who works is not affected by this restriction), including indoors that may be opened or that have an exception. Wedding receptions can accommodate up to 15 people but must be outdoors with no private gardens
  • Independent accommodation can be opened for overnight stays in England with your household or support bubble
  • You should continue to minimize the amount you travel where possible
  • Nursing home residents can nominate two named people for regular indoor visits (after a quick cross-flow test).


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