Ghostbusters film spirit opening and closing door on demand

A team of ghostbusters believe they have filmed evidence of the paranormal after a strange incident during a Facebook Live broadcast.

David McCabe and Yvonne Hydes of the Scottish Ghost Company (TSGC) were live filming at an unnamed location when they asked a spirit to open a nearby door, reports the Daily Record.

The door then started to move of its own accord.

Yvonne thanked the spirit then asked it to close it again, before the door swung closed.

Yvonne said: “To say we were shocked was an understatement. We then opened it ourselves to check for a through draft, or any other explanation, but there wasn’t one.”

David said: “It’s not often you see a door opening on its own, let alone closing again. “We asked again, and again the door opened and closed on command.”

The pair have more than 30 years of paranormal investigating between them.

David McCabe and Yvonne Hydes captured the incredible clip on a ghost hunt (Image: TSGC)

Yvonne said both of them noticed the atmosphere straight away with strange activity beginning the moment they arrived.

She said: “On arrival, it looked very dark and felt quite oppressive. David and I don’t get spooked easily but on this occasion, we were unnerved from the start of the night.”

They say they heard unexplained noises, heard a female voice singing and made contact with a spirit called “Joe” via their equipment.

“There was a lot of banging coming from the adjoining warehouse,” said David. “So very cautiously, we were quite unnerved due to the loudness of the banging, we moved through to the next warehouse.

“The banging stopped until a loud slam came from our right. We shone our torches and noticed there was a wooden door that was closed.”

In the clip the door appears to move after the team ask the spirit to move it

In the clip the door appears to move after the team ask the spirit to move it (Image: Scottish Ghost Company)

He added: “In nearly 20 years of doing this, I have never seen a door open and close on command at least five times over the time we were there. I still can’t stop thinking about it!”

Yvonne said: “In all my years of doing private and public events, this by far was the best evidence of spirit activity I have ever encountered.

“We were still live on Facebook at this point which was great as it allowed the watchers to see that this was real. No fakery.

“We were as shocked as those watching at home.”

Yvonne said there was no one else on site – and that even the two security guards had stayed at the main entrance to the location.

“No one knew where we were at that point,” said the TSGC investigator. “And the room behind the door is a toilet which we filmed both of us looking around it, no one could have been in there.”

The clip has since been shared on TikTok and racked up over ten thousand views with people unable to believe what they are seeing.

The TSGC has more than twenty crew members across Scotland and the north of England.

Yvonne stated that they are now hoping to get permission from the owners (who asked them not to reveal the location of the hanger) to return soon with the full team from the Scottish Ghost Company and set up a proper investigation.

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