Ghostwire: Tokyo Will Come on PS5-All You Need to Know

Ghostwire: Tokyo Will Come on PS5-All You Need to Know

The Ghostwire: Tokyo game will launch on PlayStation 5. The event called Future of Gaming took place on June 11, 2020. During this event, Tango Gameworks revealed it will launch this game on PlayStation 5.

When is the Game, Ghostwire: Tokyo coming on PS5?

However, the developer of the game said that the game will be launched in mid-2021. In addition, Shinji Mikami said that this game will be an advanced and next generation game. But in the year 2019, they released the game at Bethesda’s E3 conference. The game’s trailer, Ghostwire: Tokyo, came out at the same conference a year ago. The trailer earned millions of views. The fans are very excited to play the game.

The Ghostwire: Tokyo:

The Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-oriented video game. The Tango Gameworks Studio will launch this game. However, Shinji Mikami is the developer of the Tango Gameworks Studio. However, this studio has released many different games before. They all made millions of downloaders. Since the game launches on PS5, fans of PS5 will love this game too. The entire game is set in the city of Tokyo. People can take a look at the trailer.

What is the gameplay of the game, the Ghostwire: Tokyo?

According to the trailer, this game is the third person panorama. However, the story of the game is that all people in Tokyo are gone. In addition, people disappeared by leaving their clothes in their respective places. The whole city is in danger and threat. So a player must find the reason behind the disappearance of the people. With the help of the powers and tangible energies, a player must also remove the darkness from the city. Along with these powers and mutations, a player must fight against the disastrous mind.

There are three spirits in this game. They are Amewarashi, Shiromuku and Kuchisake. In the trailer, viewers can see the ghost, Amewarashi in the yellow raincoat. This ghost resembles a young child and is separated from its parents. So this spirit represents grief. Then the ghost, Shiromuku, appears as a bride in a white wardrobe. She has very powerful sensations and emotions. She was unable to marry her partner. So this spirit represents the feeling of regret. Finally, the ghost, called Kuchisake, is a very powerful antagonist. All ghosts will threaten you. But you have to use your strength and abilities to defeat them.


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