Giant 8st dog is such a 'softy' he's even scared of his own shadow

A giant eight-stone dog is such a big softie that he is commanded around by his Chihuahua sister and is scared of everything – including Halloween decorations, wind, and even his own SHADOW.

Despite being a giant Mastiff, three-year-old Theo is constantly terrified by the smallest of things, including his own reflection in the mirror, which leaves him in a barking turmoil.

Hilarious footage shows the cowardly mutt snuggling up with owner Claire Dean, 40, while being startled by the sound of the wind howling around her home in Bala, Gwynedd, Wales.

Theo is also terrified of random items, including an inflatable yoga ball and decorative pillar, that will cause him to lie down and howl if his tennis ball gets too close to them.

Worse still, despite his great economies of scale, he is dominated by Claire’s rescuing Chihuahua Chloe, 11, who will steal his bones and even stand on him triumphantly in his bed.

He can even be frightened when his own food is poured out, so Claire has to pour water on it to make sure it doesn’t make any noise

Upholsterer Claire said, “Theo looks good, but he doesn’t support it. It’s all bark and literally not a bite. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

“Theo is afraid of the wind, of his own reflection. What is new is that he was startled by his own shadow.

“He sat next to me on the sofa and saw the shadow of the lamp and started barking.

“If I put food in his bowl in the morning and haven’t soaked it in some water beforehand, the sound will make him bow his head like it’s too loud.

“As soon as it is in his bowl, he devours everything. Now I suck it in all the time so that it is a nicer experience for him and he is not frightened by it.

“Chloe is the boss. Theo is afraid of her more than anything. If she steals his bones, he won’t challenge her.

“When she first came to our house five years ago, she was petrified when she was rescued from a puppy farm. It took a while for her to come off her skin and now she’s like a Hell’s Angel.”

Theo has been scared ever since Claire and her carpenter Simon, 53, brought him home when he was eight weeks old.

Claire, a mother of two, said, “He’s really an idiot. Every now and then I just can’t believe how stupid he is.

Theo hates the vacuum cleaner

“He’s been scared ever since we brought him home. He’s never had an incident that would give him some form of PTSD or anything like that.

“There is a café under our place of residence and many motorbikes gather there so that it can really crash.

“We just put it on the puppy’s nerves at first, but he’s been like that ever since.

“If I go into the house with a carrier bag that he doesn’t recognize, he’ll just run away from me.

“Before that he is a big brave dog when I go to the house, but when I open the door and he realizes that he is defenseless, he goes and disappears.

“He does the same with our neighbour’s dog. He will bark at him through the fence, but as soon as the gate is open and they are not separated, Theo will be completely submissive.”

Theo’s shyness can cause some problems for Claire as she has to walk him at quiet times of the day to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Theo is dominated by Chloe the Chihuahua

Claire said, “It can cause some problems if I take him for a walk. Where I normally walk him he’s fenced and he’s fine, but if another dog comes around he can run away so I’ll hold him on a leash.

“He can feel a little trapped so he starts barking and jumping and when the other dog joins in it can get really stressful. Until he’s 100% sure that the dog is friendly, he won’t settle down.

“I tend to just walk him through the woods when I know there are fewer people around to avoid the trouble.

“We used to have Theo in our shop, but he was afraid of other dogs and jumped up and down.

“People thought he was trying to intimidate them, but it was just the opposite.”

Every year around this time, Claire’s youngest daughter Mya, 11, decorates the house with Halloween items, which gives Theo a few days to get used to.

Claire said, “When he first sees the Halloween decorations, he’ll bark at them like crazy and then settle down a little.

“But after a few days he’ll notice her again and start crying.

“He’s always entertaining me. His fears are so random. It’s like something catches his eye in a funny way, it’s going to really upset him.

“There’s nothing in the house that can hurt him and nothing seems to frighten him all the time, so we’re not worried that they might affect him too much.”

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