Giants know only time will tell if Brian Daboll was right call

There are no perfect candidates, and that was more true than ever in the search for the Giants’ head coach, who eventually and quite predictably led them to Brian Daboll.

There are no certainties. Check back in two years to see if all the glowing words about Daboll’s amazing personality and amazing acumen in foul design and quarterback formation hit the mark or missed badly.

It was only two years ago that Joe Judge, a little-known New England special teams coordinator, won the audience with a thrilling press conference introduction that was part tough guy, part strongman, and part no-nonsense pledge. . Judge, then only 38, couldn’t have been more impressive by saying hello. Less than two years later, Judge lost his cool in an 11-minute tirade in Chicago that served as his farewell.

Daboll, 42, will be introduced to the Giants’ field house Monday morning and there’s every reason to believe he’ll make it out of the park. He has a winning personality and he should appear willing and eager to go to work. The goal for the Giants is not to have another one of these introductory media meetings for a new head coach anytime soon. Every two years is fine for a colonoscopy, but not for rolling out a new head coach.

Brian Daboll

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