Ginny & Georgia Review: Netflix Show Is Never Able To Find Its Own Way.

The digital age will lead you to believe that Netflix’s latest show, Ginny & Georgia, featuring a 30-year-old free spirit named Georgia (Brianne Howey) and her strict 15-year-old daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry), is Heimat. Do not do this. In fact, it is something much more important and precious.

It sucks. Better yet, it’s good shit. Unless and until someone introduces a category for most absurdly entertaining entertainment or series best described as Desperate Housewives Meets Gilmore Girls, it doesn’t deserve any award. It can then walk away with a reward. Not in the past.

It’s a lot of fun, especially if Howey isn’t chewing the scenery too much (or you get used to it – I’m not sure which one, but the final result is happy and less exhausting the same) as Georgia, the Southern Beauty, sex bomb and con man. Gentry gets a little more to do than roll her eyes and be her mom’s tense foil at the end of the first episode, which is even more fun.

The difference between crap and professional television is how much self-reference it has and how much it feels like getting away with it. For example, Georgia yells at Ginny at one point, “This stereotypical, frightened teen thing you have is so boring!” This in turn excuses and confirms the fact that Ginny is nothing more than a stereotypically anxious adolescent and, compared to her sexy pot-smoking bohemian mother, very boring.


You see, they recognized it! So we can all move forward, united by experience, with the writers free from the need to do anything about it now, and firmly silenced any residual desire for more in the audience.

Ginny & Georgia

G&G delivers in terms of parcel. The best release of waste is like a roaring flood. There is a lot flowing through you, and you get the impression that the well will never run dry (although, unlike a river, this is largely due to the way it is scored) We’ve had the passing from Ginny’s most recent stepfather, a legacy, a move from Texas to Massachusetts, flashbacks to Georgia’s miserable childhood, from which she was rescued by a gang of Hell’s Angels, a minor showdown between the evil mothers and the Southern Barbie invader, a major showdown between Ginny and her non-progressive English teacher at the new school, a con man, semi-sedulously sedulously.

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