Girl, 13, has toe bitten off as dozens of river bathers ravaged by piranhas

Local authorities in Argentina, blaming the high temperatures and low water levels for the attack, banned people from entering the water because the 13-year-old needed an emergency skin graft

The fearsome fish attacked as the large group was bathing in the river (

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A teenager’s toe was bitten off when dozen of bathers were attacked by voracious piranhas while they were cooling off in a river.

About 30 people were injured after the deadly fish was set on them when they went swimming in Argentina.

The 13-year-old was hospitalized for an emergency skin graft after she lost her pinky toe in the horror incident at a popular sunbathing spot on the Parana River in Santa Fe.

Local authorities banned people from entering the water after the weekend, blaming high temperatures and low water levels for the attacks.

Local television footage showed one of the victims receiving a bandage over his big toe by paramedics and blood dripping from foot wounds.

About 30 people were injured at one point on the Para River after the attack


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Sergio Berardi, a union representative for lifeguards in the area, blamed the piranha attacks on the high temperatures and low water levels.

Confirming that a 13-year-old man lost a toe in one of the incidents, he said, “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of heeding the warnings given by lifeguards, especially families with children, now we have seen the damage that these piranhas can do.

“When the lifeguards see one in two people being bitten, they will automatically order people out of the water, but often this action is insufficient or efficient due to the amount of people in the area.

“On Sunday afternoon, the lifeguards on duty were torn from their feet as they tried to treat all the people who had sustained bite wounds at the same time.

“These fish tend to move in schools, so we get many attacks at the same time.

Officials in Argentina have now banned people from entering the water


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“We didn’t expect that to happen before summer even started here. If people take a quick dip in the water they should be fine, but the best thing is to use the showers that are installed on the beach. “

The attacks at a popular beach town on the river called Laguna Setubal were attributed to a piranha cousin named Palometas.
On Christmas Day 2013, more than 60 people were injured in a mass piranha attack in the same river.

Dozens of bathers, including more than 20 children, were bitten by the school of carnivorous fish during the surprise attack.

A seven year old girl lost part of a finger and a young boy was left with an open fracture in his hand.

Other swimmers suffered deep cuts on their ankles, fingers and hands.

The terrorist attack occurred on a popular beach on the Parana River in the city of Rosario, the birthplace of Parisian Saint Germain star Lionel Messi.

Swimmers attempting to cool off in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit ran out of the water, bleeding from wounds and called for help, while the children’s parents rushed to help in the water to get them to safety.

The Coast Guard called paramedics to help the most seriously injured before police temporarily closed the beach and forced people out of the water who continued to swim despite the danger.

The attack was the worst of its kind in the city since 2008, when 40 swimmers were injured.

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