Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy

One teen found out she was pregnant with a surprise baby during labor – after she was six throughout her pregnancy.

Little did Ellisha Ford, 17, know she was carrying a baby because she was still menstruating and not gaining a single pound of weight.

She had a completely flat stomach and had even taken pregnancy tests that came back negative.

But when she went to the hospital with a stomach ache, a doctor felt that her stomach was turning out to be a contraction and ordered an ultrasound.

It turned out that the teen was in active labor, expanded 6 cm, and was actually 43 weeks pregnant.

Little baby Harper was born hours later, happy and healthy, and mother and son bonded well despite his surprise arrival.

Coalville, Leicestershire college student Ellisha said: “I had been shopping before he was born as usual and walking a lot was just normal, which a nine-month pregnant woman would probably not do.

“My feet never swelled up or anything, so I could still walk and not be in pain.

“I still had a flat stomach and had no idea.

“But as soon as the doctor put pressure on my stomach, my stomach came out – it was all really strange.

“And then they checked and I was 6 cm dilated and told myself that I would have Harper that night.

“So I had it five hours after I found out I was pregnant.

Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy 1

“My weight has never changed and I still fit my size 6 and 8 clothes.”

Ellisa went to the doctors in March last year – when she was unknowingly four months pregnant – because she had back pain.

She had blood tests and a pregnancy test – which came back negative – and was told that her pain was most likely due to sciatica and an overactive thyroid.

The teen went on with her normal life until she went to the clinic three weeks before she was born – by the time it would have been due.

She had back pain again, but was told that it was sciatica again.

Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy 2

“Three weeks later, I woke up in the morning with really bad stomach ache and went to the hospital. They did a normal pregnancy test and told me it wasn’t me,” she said.

“A doctor felt my stomach when I was contracting and he told me I was definitely pregnant but thought I wasn’t too far away and said I was probably just having a miscarriage.

“They then did a scan and couldn’t find it on the scan, but then another doctor flipped the screen and he saw and he just said I was actually of legal age.

“At that time I was in the delivery suite and it was just all very strange.

“My mom told me that she had my brother when she was quite young and she just came into the room and said there was nothing we could do. I just had to get the baby out and be as calm as possible.”

Ellisha did not gain weight during pregnancy and still weighed nine stones during her pregnancy.

She even had her regular periods and mood swings without noticing anything out of the ordinary.

Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy 3

In the days and weeks prior to Harper’s birth, Ellisha continued her normal life, going shopping with friends and family, and taking many long walks.

Baby Harper was born at the Leicester Royal Infirmary on August 2nd, 2020 at 43 weeks and weighing 6.5 ounces.

“He didn’t make any noise when he was born because he’d swallowed a lot of fluids so they took him off for ages,” she said.

“When they gave it back to me, I was like wow, it’s mine. It was just very strange and I didn’t know what to make of it.

“My father thought it was just beautiful and just cried when he saw it.

“When he was born, they looked at him and my placenta revealed that I was more than 42 weeks old because it was black and dead.

“But Harper was really wrinkled when he was born and his skin was peeling off. It was like he got sunburned and everything was just peeling off him.

“I think it was actually easier because I didn’t have the nine months to bother about things.

“It was a case where I have this baby and I need to take care of him.

“The doctors said I was back to back and I also have a sloping womb. When he was born I had to put on a little more pressure and get him to turn a corner.

Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy 4

“They told me if it would have been known that I would have had a scheduled caesarean section.

“I’m still a size 8 now and I even had my periods the whole time and they were just normal.

“I’ve never bled much as I’m pretty lucky, but even the mood swings were still the same.

“We told his father about it too, but I was petrified when I told him and when my mother showed him a picture and he just cried.

Girl, 17, has surprise baby after staying size 6 through pregnancy 5

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“I was in the hospital for five days after that because I had really bad preeclampsia, but Harper was perfectly fine and he was perfectly healthy.

“I know this happens to a lot of people and I’ll sit there sometimes and be so stupid that I don’t know, but it happens to people.”


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