Girl predicted own death in chilling post about 'location of body’ hours before

A young girl predicted her own death in a chilling post about the location of her body hours before she was reportedly murdered.

Seventeen-year-old Cristiane Carvalho Guimaraes was killed on February 13 in the Brazilian state of Amazonas after she uploaded a prophetic Facebook saying: “I come here to say goodbye to everyone. I will die shortly.”

She named her future killers and revealed that the reason for her impending death was a debt of BRL 3,000 (£ 395) to local drug dealers.

In another post, Cristiane wrote: “They will send the place so that my body can be found.”

A mail posted the following day from the victim’s profile but apparently written by her killers revealed the exact location of her body.

The passage was signed “CV” at the end and refers to the criminal gang “Comando Vermelho”.

The police had been aware of the girl’s disappearance since February 12. However, by the time the officers found her in the location revealed by the killers the following day, she had already been killed.

Her cause of death has not been disclosed, and it is unknown whether she was shot as she apparently predicted on her Facebook post.

Officials investigating the case now believe that Comando Vermelho actually had nothing to do with the teen’s death and that their real killer incorrectly attributed the crime to the gang in order to mislead investigators.

They also believe that the previous posts, apparently made by Cristiane, were actually written by her killer as well.

Investigators also suspect that two murders committed nearby on February 17 could be linked to the same case.

Girl predicted own death in chilling post about 'location of body’ hours before 1

Girl predicted own death in chilling post about 'location of body’ hours before 2

The victims were identified as Lorival Fonseca Moraes and Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, who were the brother and brother-in-law of one of the suspects whom Cristiane apparently named as their murderers in her prophetic post.

They were reportedly found in a rural area with evidence that they had been executed.

Police believe members of Comando Vermelho became unhappy at the increased police attention they received after being mentioned in Cristiane’s last Facebook post, and tried unsuccessfully to locate the suspects named in their previous post, killing them instead the relatives of one.

The investigators suspect that it is actually a femicide and that the motive has nothing to do with drug debt.

The police investigation continues.


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