Girls, 3 and 4, critically hurt after bouncy castle explodes and hurls them 25ft

Two young girls are fighting for their lives after a bouncy castle suddenly “explodes” and blown 25 feet in the air, throwing the children over a metal fence onto tram rails.

The video shows panic in the Russian city of Barnaul when horrified parents try to grab the huge rubber dinghy as it rises with the three- and four-year-old girls on board.

Three other youths were thrown unharmed from the runaway air castle when it flew up “as high as a lamppost”.

Two of the girls – named Anna, three, and Vika, four – were thrown onto tram rails over a 6-foot metal fence.

Anna suffered a concussion and a fractured spine, while Vika, who landed about 15 feet from the bouncy castle, has a fractured skull and wounds to her lungs and abdomen.

One of the girls was put on a ventilator as doctors struggled to save her. Kommersant reported.

“The girls are currently being treated in intensive care,” said a health ministry spokesman.

Witnesses rushed to secure the lock and check that no children were trapped in it.

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In Russia a bouncy castle is catapulted into the air

Investigators are investigating the cause of the incident near a mall and initially stated that it was caused by strong winds.

However, witnesses denied the existence of storms and witnesses claimed there was the “sound of an explosion” or a loud eruption.

One theory was that it had been over-inflated and there were claims that it was not properly secured.

A bouncy castle that exploded in Russia

Anastasia Dolmatova said: “What wind? I work a bus stop from this place but even we heard the bang. “

She asked the investigators “to investigate the cause closely”.

“Some of the ropes weren’t secured,” said a local report.

“And in violation of all requirements, the bouncy castle was tied to the fence.”

The bouncy castle had no protective pad and rubbed against the tarmac, possibly causing the outbreak, a witness said.

People crowd around a bouncy castle that exploded

The Russian investigation committee has launched criminal proceedings against the incident.

According to reports, the owners of the attraction have been established.

Local MP Sergey Pisarev said: “No special mounts were used, the attraction was pumped, heated and soared into the air.”

He complained that there were no proper security checkpoints on inflatables.

Local governor Viktor Tomenko ordered all inflatables to be checked after the incident.


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