Giuliani: ‘I never, ever represented a foreign national’

His comments come after a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, Andrii Artemenko, said POLITICO that he had spoken to the FBI about Giuliani. Artemenko declined to further develop his communications with law enforcement agencies.

Giuliani, a longtime confidante of Donald Trump who was the former president’s personal attorney until last year, said FBI agents had produced a warrant for a single episode in which Giuliani allegedly failed to register as a foreign agent.

Agents had asked for permission to search Giuliani’s home last summer, but Justice Department officials denied the request due to rules restricting certain pre-election actions. Giuliani and its members have called the situation a political hit, despite President Joe Biden telling NBC News he was not aware of the raids until after they occurred.

Giuliani told Carlson Thursday that he had offered to work with law enforcement for the past two years. He called the arrest warrant “illegal” and “unconstitutional” and added that an arrest warrant could only be issued if there was evidence that he intended to destroy the material.

The FBI investigation into Giuliani appears to be centered on his Ukraine-related work when he was trying to find incriminating material about Biden’s son Hunter. At the same time, Trump officials signaled to the Ukrainian president that they wanted the country to announce an investigation into Biden’s son, otherwise the US would withhold military aid. This news sparked Trump’s first impeachment.

Early Thursday Trump defended Giuliani in an interview with Fox Business presenter Maria Bartiromo.

“Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot,” said Trump. “He does these things – he just loves this country and they raid his apartment. It’s so unfair and so double – it’s like a double standard like I believe no one has seen before. “

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