Gmail Will Pause Mobile Notifications When Using The Web Version

gmail: After getting a new look for personal accounts, gmail is now testing features that may soon reach its entire user base. One of the next news is related to notifications from the Google email service received on mobile, as reported by 9to5Google on Tuesday (15).

According to the publication, the feature offers the option to silence notifications in the Android app if the user is logged into the same account on the computer, simultaneously. That way, you can be more focused on what you’re doing on your PC, instead of interrupting your work to checking your phone for alerts.

But to have access to the functionality, you need to give Google Chrome permission to detect if the user is active on the desktop or laptop at that moment. After enabling the feature, it can only be disabled in the browser settings by following the path Settings > Security & Privacy > Site Settings > Additional Permissions.

The notification pause is apparently being tested with a small group of users at this point, according to the site, and there is no planned extended release yet. For selected users, activating the feature is offered on the home screen of the email service when logging into the account using Chrome on the computer.

Gmail’s New Look

Announced at the end of January, the new user interface has already started to be released by the Mountain View company, bringing a different layout than the current one. In it, the Google account apps are aligned to the left, and when you hover over one of them, you can preview the program.

The revamped design, which includes several other changes, will not become standard on the platform yet. For now, it will be possible to switch between the new option and the old version, but the current model should no longer be available from the end of Q2.

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