GMB's Alastair Campbell leaves Susanna Reid speechless after branding Boris a "coward"

Good morning Alastair Campbell from Britain annoyed some viewers after branding the Prime Minister live on the air as a “coward” and “charlatan”.

The couple presented themselves with Susanna Reid on Tuesday (October 5) and discussed how Boris Johnson has not appeared on the show for an interview in 1,563 days.

A 2019 clip aired in which Prime Minister Ranvir Singh promised an interview “as soon as possible” and said “you can bet on it” after Ranvir urged an interview within the next week.

However, it appears that the prime minister didn’t go on the show for the promised interview and has shunned GMB for the past four years.

Mr Johnson also did not accept an interview with Ranvir today, with the Prime Minister waving and walking away as the host said, “Prime Minister, Good Morning Britain wants you on the show.”

Alastair then launched a devastating attack on the prime minister, saying, “You bet, you bet.

“1,563 days. I mean, you can’t use the C word in this program, but the guy’s a coward.

“And he’s a charlatan.”

Susanna was surprised by the comments and Alastair asked: “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, no, I’m just listening,” said Susanna.

“Do you agree he’s a coward?” asked Alastair.

She replied, “Well, it would be nice to have him on the program this morning. I’ll say that.

“A warm invitation to you, Prime Minister, I am sure you will be watching this morning. We would love to speak to you.”

Disgruntled GMB viewers urged Alastair to get the sacking after the comment, with Will saying, “I won’t be okay with everything @BorisJohnson does or says, but publicly humiliating him to call him a coward is just damned disgusting, certainly a journalist / reporter / broadcaster should be neutral #GMB. “

Another said: “@GMB 2 minutes on the air & already you are calling our Prime Minister a coward, disgusting, who is not impartial, that’s just a rowdy speech just because he disagrees with PM. Journalists shouldn’t do it personally … I tried to watch. “

Roy wrote: “Alastair Campbell called the Prime Minister a coward live on TV, he should be fired for comment after GMB got rid of Piers Morgan for a similar mindset.”

“Called the Prime Minister a coward and a liar, nobody blinked their eyes. said another viewer.

But others agreed with the moderator, and Sean said, “@ BorisJohnson you’re a coward, when are you going to get up and face @GMB, #JohnsonOut. ”

Christopher added, “So Boris Johnson is such a coward that he doesn’t answer questions from Alastair Campbell, Kay Burley or Nick Robinson #gmb.”

GMB’s Ranvir is currently at the Tory conference in Manchester hoping to interview the Prime Minister.

Good Morning Britain continues on ITV at 6am on weekdays.


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