Gogglebox celebs and fans raging at man's first date 'no no' behaviour

Celebrity Gogglebox may not be the first place someone goes for romantic advice.

But on the Friday (June 25th) evening show, there were some top tips for those dipping their toes in the dating pool.

The celebs were hanging out on their couches watching the first dates when the inexplicable happened.

The guy on the date with the beautiful girl asked the waiter to let him know about the Manchester United football stand.

Needless to say, there were some unimpressed faces to be seen on these couches.

Gary Kemp with his son Ronan was appalled that the woman was accepted on the date by the soccer fan and said, “Oh, no!” while holding his head.

Others were more ostentatious.

“Will you keep me updated on the United result?” said Jamie-Lee O’Donnell of Derry Girls, who was watching co-star Saoirse-Monica Jackson, both clearly stunned.

Jamie-Lee later added, “Why did you go on the date, watch the game,” which is the kind of common sense that appealed to viewers.

Scott said on Twitter, “This Man United fan is up #First dates was totally shitty. “

Andy Hyde tweeted, “I totally agree that the girl was way out of her league on the first dates !!”

As for the comment, Alice was delighted and tweeted, “The Derry Girls on #PromiGogglebox really makes my Friday night. “

Sharon wrote simply: “The inclusion of Derry Girls in the Celebrity Gogglebox is a stroke of genius.” – and we all say that.

  • Celebrity Gogglebox is on Channel Four on Fridays


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