Gogglebox fans leap to defence of Ellie and Izzi against trolls

Fans jumped in defense of gogglebox favorites Ellie and Izzi Warner after gruesome trolls mocked their appearance when the show aired on Channel 4.

The Leeds sisters returned Friday night (October 1st) to share their views on TV of the week but were attacked.

The spectators quickly rushed to their defense, calling them “Northern Goddesses”.

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Ellie and Izzi sat through segments from Strictly Come Dancing, Come Dine with Me, and the BBC drama Vigil.

An emotional episode of Beeb’s Ambulance was also on the program.

But cruel trolls begin to chirp at Ellie and Izzi: “I think Ellie and Izzi would literally eat anything. #Gogglebox. “

One response to this tweet was, “I think they already have it!”

A third said the couple would not fit in the submarine at the center of the drama Vigil.

Loyal fans tweeted back the abuse: “All of these comments about Ellie and Izzi and their weight are horrible to see. It doesn’t affect you, they are happy with their weight, they look amazing. #Gogglebox. “

And another showered her with praise and replied, “I haven’t seen anything … and I wouldn’t want to. Ellie and Izzi are goddesses of the north. I wish I lived next to them. Beautiful, beautiful women. And very much loved . “

Another said, “Seriously, I try so hard not to react to people who tell them to go to theirs [bleeping] Companies. So what the heck !! The same people would have tweeted #BeKind. “

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