Gogglebox stars' emotional reaction to the death of Prince Philip

Stars of Gogglebox are known for their bow reactions and sarcastic comments.

But when it came to the Friday (April 16) nighttime programming, it was raw emotion instead of giggles.

The goggle boxers watched the announcement of Prince Philip’s death.

At 99, the Duke of Edinburgh was the longest-serving British royal consort.

And the sofa stars had their thoughts firmly on Queen Elizabeth II, who continues her life without her 73-year-old partner by her side.

When Giles saw Maxine Croxall cover the news on the BBC, she said, “She’s very moved, isn’t she, Mary?”

Jenny and Lee watched with open mouths as Jenny wiped away her tears as they discussed the announcement.

“Oh my god,” Lee said, his hands on his face, and Jenny added, “I don’t know what to say, I think it’s the first time I’ve lost myself for words.”

“I’m going to release you this time, you can cry,” replied her mate with characteristic fondness.

On Twitter, some of the celebrities joined in mourning the death of the 99-year-old prince.

“It was so moving and moving #Gogglebox Thank you, “said David Garland, while Ms. Lisa Shaw added,” That was nice #Gogglebox . Respectful. Many Thanks. #PrincePhilip “”

However, others were concerned that many of them apparently learned of death many hours after death.

Paul K said bluntly: “You all only found out that Prince Phillip died last Friday night when it was apparently dark #Gogglebox “”

It’s the wrong one David Honey added, “That was just weird soz. I don’t see why they would pretend they all just found out the news when the production teams were filming them in their homes? Lol #Gogglebox “”

  • Gogglebox is on channel 4 at 9 p.m. on Friday evening


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