Gogglebox viewers left feeling 'queasy' over Ellie's dog behaviour

Gogglebox has returned to TV screens after a break and viewers have already taken a dim view of Ellie and Izzi’s behavior with their dogs.

The Channel Four show was back on Friday (February 18) with its own peculiar mix of chaos and laughter.

But there were plenty of people who didn’t find the girls’ doggy habits terribly funny.

They appear to be talking about what the dogs have been up to – and it’s not pretty.

“Oh my god, what the hell?” screams Ellie.

“What happened?” Izzi intones.

“Not again, Izzi this happened yesterday!” Ellie sounds horrified, adding: “There’s a poo!”

“It’s because they won’t bloody go outside because it’s been raining, I think there’s been as*** on the pile of rubbish as well.”

As if the toilet habits of the dogs weren’t unsettling enough, the real issue reportedly making viewers queasy is that the dogs can clearly be seen drinking out of the girls’ mugs.

Carl Adams @carladams94 noticed on Twitter, saying: “Oh it looks like @ellieandizzi dog has a drink of a cup of tea. #Gogglebox.”

Mandy Amory @littlemissmystic used some vomiting emojis to describe how she felt: “One of Ellie’s dogs drinking from her glass at the beginning made me feel very queasy #Gogglebox”

Another viewer – MJ @telly_watcher, obviously not a dog lover – added: “That’s why I wouldn’t have a dog …..ducks.”

Christopher @Christopher_T42 laughed: “The dog drinking the tea.”

But for all those concerned about the hygiene aspect, viewer Danielle V @tinkertink2010 was thrilled, tweeting: “So happy it’s back! Watching it right now. The dog drinking tea whilst they were moaning about them pooing and peeing because they won’t go out because of the weather!”

Welcome back, Gogglebox.

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