“Going on holiday is not a valid reason” to ignore stay-at-home rules

Home Secretary Priti Patel said taking a vacation is not a valid reason not to abide by lockdown rules.

She told Commons: “For those traveling from the UK, we will also improve and tighten enforcement rules.

“Because despite the rules for staying at home, we still see people who don’t obey these rules. The rules are clear, people should stay home unless they have a valid reason to go.

“Going on vacation is not a valid reason, so we’re going to introduce a new requirement so that people who want to travel have to explain why they need to travel first.

“This reason for travel is verified by the airlines prior to departure, and this approach effectively mirrors the arrivals checks already in place with the Passenger Location Form.”

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds accused the government of “tumbling from one crisis to the next”.

He told Commons: “We need to learn from past mistakes and act now, and one of the key areas where the government has fallen short is protecting our borders.

“And I am deeply concerned that the measures outlined today are another example of this – too little, too late. Once again, the government is stumbling from one crisis to the next without a strategy.

“And restricting hotel quarantine to a limited number of countries from which non-UK residents have already been banned from traveling means the Home Secretary’s proposals do not go anywhere near enough.

“And maybe that is why there seem to have been briefings for newspapers that the Interior Minister personally does not support the policy that she is now advocating for the public?”


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