Golden retriever tries to sneakily steal brother's chew in amusing sibling spat

Gamja and Chip from Orange County, California are the newest golden retrievers to melt hearts on TikTok after arguing over a bat stick

Adorable dogs argue over chew toys

Younger siblings can be annoying, from stealing your favorite t-shirt to arguing over the TV remote.

And such gaiters even reach into the canine world, as two Golden Retriever brothers have proven.

Orange County, California, US social media stars Gamja and Chip were embroiled in a fraternal argument over bullying sticks – and their “argument” is hilarious.

Posted on their TikTok account @gamjamypotatothat promises a “daily serotonin surge,” the puppy Chip tries to take his older brother’s chew toy.

In the clip, the overlaying text mimics a conversation between the Goldens, with Chip sneaking behind Gamja – whose name means potato in Korean – and asks: “Do you want to act?”

Chip had his own bat – but wanted to share his brothers


TikTok @gamjamypotato)

Of course, Gamja replies ‘Hekk no’, but Chip persistently negotiates ‘just a leak?’.

Gamja does not want to share his chewing and shows his little brother his teeth to scare him off.

Their owner told viewers that Chip had his own face-off stick but finished it off first.

The puppy offers Gamja to “hold” the stick for safe keeping – but the older and wiser golden one knew his game.

After all, older siblings tend to write the book of tricks.

The argument leads to a gum tug-of-war, in which the treat is shared between them.

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Golden Retrievers have proven to be one of the most popular breeds in the video sharing app, getting 14 billion views.

The lovable hunting dogs are known as intelligent and loving family dogs, described by the Kennel Club as “friendly, friendly and confident”.

In a viral video, Phi Phi the retriever was able to “spy on” her neighbor Samoyed Bentley.

The curious puppy found a peephole in her garden fence and loved to see what her “best” was doing on the other side of the border.

Gamja warned Chip not to steal his chew, but eventually gave in to his doggy eyes


TikTok @gamjamypotato)

One follower even joked that the spy dog ​​could be the next James Bond, writing, “Cant wait to see more of James Bond the dog, haha ​​#spydog.”

Another retriever named Barney can’t go a single day without kissing his girlfriend on his walk.

In a beautiful Tiktok video, Barney is seen running to the wall, where he jumps up to kiss his best friend.

The video has been viewed more than 45,000 times, with Barney and his girlfriend’s fans all calling for the two dogs to go on a date.

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