Good Morning Britain hosts try out trick to stop you crying when chopping onions

For many people, chopping onions is a bane to their cooking experience.

Eyes sting, mascara flows, tears flow, contact lenses fall out – and once it starts, it just doesn’t seem to stop!

Tearless Onions are reportedly set to go on sale in select UK stores for the first time next week, after ‘Sunions’ was successfully launched in the US a few months ago.

After decades of crossing less spicy varieties of the vegetable, the perfect onion that won’t leave you with sweaty cheeks or a runny nose has finally been discovered.

However, Good Morning Britain hosts Charlotte Hawkins, Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley today put an alleged cure for tears when cutting onions to the test so Brits don’t have to shell out the cash for the unique strain.

“If you don’t have a Sunion handy, what can you do to stop crying?” Charlotte considered. “And I’m happy to say that for scientific research purposes I have this method where when you chop an onion, you put a piece of bread in your mouth.

Susanna replied: “I think that’s a settlement!”

Chewing a piece of bread reportedly helps eliminate tears when slicing an onion because sulfur compounds are absorbed by the bread before they can reach your eyes.

“We have a first aid kit on hand,” Charlotte jokingly reassured ITV viewers. “Thanks to the team who clearly have no confidence in my knife skills. I won’t be able to speak while I do – you both have to make the comment!”

The news anchor then took a large bite out of a slice of whole wheat bread, holding it between her teeth before beginning to chop a batch of white onions.

“Maybe lean over it a little more!” Madeley directed them. “Now chop it up fine, like you’re making a bolognese.”

Waitrose has exclusively launched Sunions, a variety of sweet onions that won't bring chefs to tears.

Nibbing at the bread, Charlotte showed no sign of tears and exclaimed excitedly, “It works!”, and Madeley added, “Your mascara is absolutely rock solid!

“It works — I mean, I don’t know if something loaf sized would work if you don’t have a piece of bread handy,” Charlotte joked.

Susanna then laughed, “I hate to say it, but the Sunions marketing team is furious this morning!”


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