Home Tech Good news for the new AMD Ryzen APU processors

Good news for the new AMD Ryzen APU processors

Good news for the new AMD Ryzen APU processors

As processor technology progressed, people wondered when new memory technologies would come. The JEDEC council, which approved the standards of memory technology, completed the DDR5 specification last July. Although there is no official support for DDR5 memory yet, there was a surprising development. New AMD Ryzen APU processors may come with support for DDR5 RAM.

DDR5 memory, which is quite powerful, will pave the way for higher-performance computers with PCIe 4.0 technology.

New AMD Ryzen APU processors may come with DDR5 RAM support

An update to the Linux source code confirmed that the next generation of AMD Ryzen APUs, codenamed Van Gogh, will use DDR5 / LPDDR5 memory. In addition, the new APUs come with the integrated Navi 2 graphics card. While little is known about the Van Gogh architecture, it will use the Zen 2 core design based on TSMC’s 7nm fabrication.

Good news for the new AMD Ryzen APU processors 1

If there are no surprises, AMD Ryzen APU processors with the Van Gogh architecture will be the first processor series to support DDR5 RAM. In addition, the new APU processors released on the mobile side will be the first mobile processors with LPDDR5 RAM support. DDR5 memory offers significant performance improvements and will be a huge profit, especially for AMD processors that are heavily affected by memory performance.

As for the characteristics of DDR5 memory, they will be about 2 times faster than DDR4 memory. However, SK Hynix has indicated in recent months that it is working on memories with a speed of 8400 MHz. In addition, DDR5 memory consumes less electricity and can handle a single memory as a dual channel.

APUs, on the other hand, require more DDR5 memory than normal processors as they are supported by the memory in the system. With the Navi 2 and Intel Xe internal graphics units, we will be able to see much more powerful processors on the graphics side in the coming years.

New processors are expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2021.



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