Goodbye To The Smartwatch, The Next Samsung Galaxy Buds Will Analyze Your Pulsations

Samsung Galaxy Buttons: Electronic device manufacturers have realized that their devices must provide features that are focused on the well-being of users. This has many measurements, but we are mainly going to focus on all those features that help a person manage different parameters of their health. And here we could see a breakthrough if Samsung launches its new Galaxy Buds with a heart rate monitor

Samsung headphones measure your heart rate

Or at least that’s what the Korean company wants. The need to improve and evolve is permanent on the part of companies in the world of technology and they are trying to carry this through to all the products they have. You don’t have to go far, you just need to see the smart bracelets and watches, which not only tell the time, but you can even make calls or listen to music with them.

We’ve reached that point, but it’s not enough, and it’s not because there are still a lot of devices to improve upon. At Samsung, it’s clear that the next step is towards headphones, as the next Galaxy Buds are said to have a built-in heart rate monitor.

In these times, it is imperative that the technology continues and that means looking for new features to add to the peripherals. The next one that can get a major upgrade in the pair of Galaxy Buds. According to TechRadar, the company is working on a way to incorporate biometric sensors directly into the headphones.

This would mean that functions such as the heart rate sensor, the stress meter or the blood oxygen meter have another point to collect data. These can be crossed with those of a smartwatch to make them much more accurate, or they can be used autonomously without the need for a smartwatch to traverse all the data generated.

As is often the case in these cases, it is all about a patent that we could see in the future if the Korean company decides to carry out the project. This can be a determining factor for users when it comes to choosing high-end headphones, where the AirPods still have a lot of ground to gain thanks to their features like the noise cancellation it offers so much and improves the communication experience.

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