Goodbye, Trump! Parting Is Such Sweet Joy

I am often asked by whites, “What are you going to do without Donald Trump?” Or “What are you going to write about when Trump isn’t on the news?” Some people even have the gall to suggest, “You will miss Trump when he’s gone.”

It is believed that the soon-to-be ex-president, with his seemingly insatiable appetite for crime and failure, has been a “blessing” to his critics, especially those of us focused on racial and social justice. In reality, it is absurd that people think I need some kind of bloody racist at the head of government in order to have reason to write about racist and social justice in this country. And it is downright ridiculous to say that Trump, one of the most ineffective presidents of all time, was a linchpin of the “news”. Trump didn’t create news – he suppressed news with his childish, incoherent verbal abuse and proclamations.

Consider the past few weeks: do you know how many sharp and bitter border pillars I could have gotten out of the Biden transition if Trump had just walked away when he lost the election, like a regularly failed president? Do you know how much I wanted to explore the studio space between $ 1,400 and $ 2,000, but ended up being “distracted” by the goddamn coup attempt?

The question of what I’m going to write about is insulting. I wrote about the stunted logic behind a Republican theory of “justice” long before Trump came down an escalator. I have talked about the deep racist animus that continues to motivate Republican politics. For the past few years (or days), old friends have been telling me that warnings from Republicans have sounded since then secondary school “Finally making sense.” The operational difference in my career during the Trump era compared to before is that more whites are willing to listen to the truth about their country – a truth I’ve been telling them since I learned two sentences together connect to. Trump is a reflection of 40 years of Republican politics: he didn’t start this mess, and his departure won’t end it.

Whether white people have the tolerance to hear this argument after the clownish mascot of white supremacy was removed from the White House is unclear. Whether people have the stamina to eradicate Trumpism after Trump is unlikely. We are already seeing some media outlets beginning to launder the reputations of some of the Republicans responsible for the past few years of tragedy just as they were trying to rehabilitate the reputation of George W. Bush and his fellow torturers. John Yoo, to take just one example, wrote the torture notes for Bush and now teaches law at the University of California at Berkeley. This guy is regularly kicked out as a respected legal scholar, just as anyone is supposed to forget their role in promoting human rights abuses.


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