Google Announces App That Identifies Skin Problems Using AI

Google: During the opening conference of Google I / O 2021, Google presented a new tool in the health sector that uses artificial intelligence to help users identify skin problems.

The app “helps you understand what’s going on” with skin, nail and hair problems. With a base of 288 dermatological problems, he tries to provide an answer based on images captured with the mobile phone, making the search for specialized medical care easier.

According to the company, the creation came next Google identified the high number of search engine searches for skin problems – something difficult without images. Therefore, the tool not only asks for three photo samples from different angles of wrinkles and pimples, but also asks questions about you.

The answers don’t include a diagnosis, but rather the biggest suspicion, pictures that resemble your case, and some frequently asked questions about the case for the person to see a dermatologist.

With full browser functionality, the service should enter the testing phase this year.

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