Google Chrome accelerates with new update

Google continues to improve Chrome, which is used by many people, and continues its work. While competition in the market has increased recently with the moves of Opera and Microsoft Edge, it wants to strengthen its hand in Google. The company, which increased the speed of Google Chrome with its 89 update, also released a video on this topic.

The update is available for Android and Windows 64-bit version of Chrome.

22 percent performance improvement with Google Chrome 89 update

The Chrome team noted that the browser saved up to 22 percent on Windows, 8 percent on other apps, and up to 3 percent on the GPU. Browser responsiveness has increased by 9 percent. All these improvements are thanks to Google’s advanced memory allocation PartitionAlloc.

Google Chrome is now smarter at using memory. Chrome optimizes tabs that are not being actively used. Thus, memory usage will be reduced. In addition to Android and Windows, background usage will decrease in macOS.

Updated according to Android’s new capabilities, Chrome had a 5 percent speed increase. Thus, the pages load faster and consume fewer resources.

Another feature that comes with the Google Chrome 89 update is Freeze-Dried Tabs. This feature introduced for the Android version speeds up the initial opening of the application. If the tab you are using does not require much processing power, a demo will be shown to the user until the original tab is loaded. So it seems that pages are loading faster.

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