Google Chrome In-App Screenshot Feature Coming

Google Chrome adds a screenshot tool embedded in the app to the Android version. In addition, there is an editor that allows you to edit screenshots from Google Chrome is also added to the Android version of the browser.

Google Chrome, known for the large workload it creates on the computer and the inability to increase RAM, closed by far the most used browser in the last year, despite all the comments. Thanks to its functionality and convenience for the user, Google Chrome is still preferred by the majority today.

Mobile versions of Google Chrome will also have their share in this situation, as the most used browser on Android devices is again Google Chrome. Google Chrome 91, the latest version of Google Chrome, was recently released. The new version, which offers many conveniences to the user, also brought an in-app screenshot tool.

Screenshot tool embedded in Chrome

With the Google Chrome 91 version of the Internet browser, users began to see the phrase “screenshot” in the application. The process of bringing the feature to devices can vary, but it appears to be available on all devices in a short period of time.

The tool is very easy to use. When you want to share the site, a small panel will appear below and you can see which application or through which application you can share the site. Among these applications, as you can see in the picture, there is a “screenshot” button next to the already existing functions such as copying the link or saving to the device.

If you take a screenshot, the address bar will also be included in the image and you can crop it as you wish. In addition, there is a writing tool that allows you to write, and a drawing tool that offers 6 levels of format options and 18 color options. The feature brings the screenshot tool available on many Android phones to Google Chrome.

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