Google Chrome: See the new browser download interface

Google Chrome will receive an update in the download interface and the new version is very similar to the version present in Microsoft Edge. According to a study by Statista, Chrome is still the most popular browser, but it seems that it takes inspiration from its “younger cousin” at Microsoft.

Microsoft defends Edge by saying Google Chrome is ‘so 2008’

The new construction of Google Chrome doesn’t seem to have changed much in the way the browser works, but the inspiration in the download interface is eye-catching. The latest stable version of the browser still has the downloads hidden in a drawer at the bottom that appears when the user starts downloading a new file.

More intuitive look

The updated interface adds an icon to the navigation bar that allows you to quickly access downloaded items. The icon also turns blue to identify the pending downloads.

This update makes the download UI very similar to the Internet Explorer replacement. MS Edge is a Chrome-based browser, essentially a Chrome adapted to the Microsoft ecosystem.

According to the Statista website, in September 2021, more than 67% of systems were using Chrome, while only 8.75% were using Edge. As such, the UI change shouldn’t have anything to do with Edge’s popularity, but it does recognize a visual feature that works well and aligns with changes to make Google’s product more intuitive.

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