Google Closes Currents, Successor To Google+ Corporate Project

google announced this Thursday (10) the schedule for closing the activities of Currents, or Activities, as the service became known in Brazil. It would be a successor to google+, which shut down in 2019.

In 2023, Currents will start to be permanently disabled, but already in the first quarter of this year some less-used functions will be disabled – including sending notifications to mobile devices, the follower counter on profiles and the post performance analysis tool. †

The idea is to migrate all users to Spaces, a new version of chat and file sharing aimed at business environments. More details on the Currents shutdown were listed on a google support page to help admins who still maintain teams on the project.

Almost Unknown

The corporate communication and organization project was presented in 2019 as a kind of reformulated successor to google+, the company’s social network that was also discontinued — and which, in turn, was the project that succeeded Orkut.

With virtually no branding, it was part of the google Workspace suite of services. Whether due to redundancy with other platforms or lack of results, the company is known for “killing” many products and projects over the years.

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