Google Confirms The Date Of Its Pixel Fall Launch Event

google: About two months ago google surprised everyone with a small ad about the next phone. The company showed the world its Pixel 6, or at least provided some guidance on what we’d see later in the next fall event that the company has called Pixel Fall Launch, which already has an arrival date.

Google has its next event on October 19

As we told you, it’s been a long time since we got the first details of the google Pixel 6. Just a few tweets on the company’s account raised all expectations about what we’d see next year. And it is that since the release of the google Pixel, this has become one of the most interesting terminals of the year, although for many it still does not have time to convince users.

But best of all, we very quickly clear up the doubts about how it is and what the features of your phone are at the next event called Pixel Fall Launch. It’s been on Twitter again where Mountain View’s made their new announcement with an ad where you can see the company’s terminal on a screen with various icons showing business applications and multi-tool functions that can be a new feature of the company’s new controls. to predict. system: Android 12. They will also have no shortage of features, since the 5G symbol next to the cover of the phone should not be missing.

What to expect from the Pixel Fall Launch

google has already set a date for the next event. The Pixel Fall Launch will take place on October 19th and we just have to wait to know all the details of the new Pixel products. The company is, of course, expected to provide more details of the google Pixel 6 and how the house’s first processor works that they called Tensor last August.

Of course, we could see a powered version of the terminal and a novelty of the company’s operating system and another device. Many dream of the long-awaited foldable smartphone, but we will find out when the Sundar Pichai team shows us all their projects they have been working on over the past year.

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