Google Deliberately Complicates Privacy Settings

Google: New information is still emerging from the lawsuit filed in Arizona. According to documents edited in the lawsuit, Google makes it harder for smartphone users to find privacy settings.

According to the news reported by Insider, it was stated that the lawsuit filed against Google in Arizona made it difficult for business leaders and engineers to keep smartphone users’ location information private.

Google also puts pressure on telephone manufacturers

The documents show that Google collects location data even after users disable location sharing, making it more difficult for users to find the privacy setting. In addition, it is reported that Google pressures phone manufacturers to maintain their privacy settings as the documents are popular with users.

In the lawsuit filed against the company, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recommended keeping location tracking in the background for some features and only stopping the app when users disable system-level tracking.

However, the documentation shows that a Google employee asked if there was a way to give location to a 3rd party app and not google. According to Insider, the employee also stated that it didn’t sound like anything he’d want the company to reveal to the media.

Commenting on Brnovich, who is handling the case, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said the attorney general went to great lengths to mischaracterize competitors’ services. “We’ve always added privacy features to our products and provided robust controls for location data,” says Castaneda.

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