Google Is Looking For Engineers For Its New Operating System Fuchsia OS: Here Are The Job Postings

google: Fuchsia OS, which will replace Android, the most widely used operating system in the world, will appear more in the near future. Job openings appeared for a team called “Fuchsia Devices”, founded by Google. According to the announcements, the next-generation OS will work on many types of devices.
You may have heard of Fuchsia OS, the next-generation operating system that: google been working on it for years. This operating system, which will replace Android, is not only on smartphones; Like Android, it works on many devices from TV to clock. But google is planning more, according to emerging job postings.

4 months ago, google first used Fuchsia OS on a device. Although it is not very well known in Turkey, this device called Nest Hub, a smart home assistant, allows communication with other smart home devices and the use of Google Assistant in the home environment. Now Google is working to bring Fuchsia OS to more widely used devices that are now in our lives. Published job postings also highlight this issue.

Job openings for the new Fuchsia Devices team that will be using Google’s new operating system are as follows:

Staff Software Engineer: It aims to work on more mundane products rather than smart screens.
Engineering Manager: It will be responsible for the developments for the devices used by the consumers.
For now, google doesn’t specify which devices it works on, except for the “smart screens” category like the Nest Hub. According to the vacancies google not only accelerates its work for Fuchsia OS, but also wants to create a team on this topic and make everything more concrete now.

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