Google Is Working On A Device Network Similar To Apple’s Find Service

google may be developing a network similar to Apple’s Find My network to help find lost devices on Android phones. Code has surfaced in beta version of google Play Services, a feature that refers to the ability to help phones find other devices, possibly a crossover network, indicating that nearby Android phones can be found more easily, 9to5Google reports.

according to google’s support page, the current Find My Device system can only find phones that are turned on, have cellular data or Wi-Fi connection and location services enabled. It is unknown at this early stage which of these limitations will be resolved by the respective transit network feature, which is expected to be called Spot. But it’s always good to take advantage when looking for a lost phone.

google already using android devices for another function
google has other projects that use an Android phone network. While the implementation will be different, the basic concept will likely be very similar. There are more than 3 billion active Android devices worldwide. That’s a huge audience for sources of information, whether it’s accelerometer data or the location of a lost phone.

9to5Google found a setting that allows users to disable this feature and prevent their phone from helping find other devices. Given the limited information available, it seems unclear whether the Find My Device network can find things outside of network-specific phones, such as Apple’s Find My network or Samsung’s Galaxy Find network. Since this is code that is in beta and not included in the final version, google should never introduce the features in this news in a real version that will reach end users.

google has not yet made any statements about leaks related to this new feature.

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