Google leaks image of the new Pixel Buds A

Google the first image of Pixel Buds A leaked. The email sent to subscribers of the Google Nest newsletter last Tuesday (6) shows the new model wireless headset in dark green color.

The message sent to consumers highlights the new features and devices of GoogleThen the earbud will appear just above the link that will take you to the Accessories page in the Google Store.

The first information that Google was preparing for the launch of a new version of Pixel Buds came in March 2021. This fact was confirmed with the email sent recently by the company.

According to 9to5Google sources, Pixel Buds A will be very similar to the current models of the headset. One of the few changes to the accessory is the color palette and it will have white and dark green versions.

Earbuds provide media control features and integration with Google Assistant. The touch controls should also be the same as previous generations.

Finally, there’s the possibility that Pixel Buds A uses space audio technology. After Google Dysonics in December 2020, employees of the startup specializing in 3D audio revealed that they were working on a project for the new company.

Pixel Buds A release forecast

According to reports from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Pixel Buds A is expected to hit the market in the middle of this year. This is a common time frame for new ones Google product launches.

In addition, the simple fact that you have been baptized with the title “A” may indicate that the headset is cheaper than the “normal” Pixel Buds. In the US, the major models retail for $ 179 – about $ 1,000 in the current conversion.

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