Google Lens Will Appear in The Search Bar of Your Android Mobile

Google Lens: Android phone users have a large number of widgets that allow them to load the entire phone window. However, they are not that useful and you may only need a few of your most important applications. Perhaps one of them is the Google search bar that will take you straight to the results and will soon have a special feature. We are talking specifically about the Google Lens function in the form of a shortcut.

New access to Google Lens on your mobile

The Google app can be the most useful for finding something quickly. You don’t have to enter your browser, just do your search and then you only have to see the results. But for this there is also a very handy tool that relies on one of the most important points of your mobile: the camera. Google Lens is the one to take advantage of this feature and it will be much easier to use it now.

The reason is thanks to the new shortcut in the Google search bar. As you know, the Google application has two additional buttons. That is to say, aside from working like the classic search engine, you have two additional options that you should know about. The first is the voice search which is triggered thanks to the commands you give, the other is the access to Google Lens which also has its own application.

For many, the best option may be to use the Google app instead of the official one, but now the procedure will be much easier. As far as 9to5Google counts, there are phones that already have this feature, giving users the same search bar at hand, both in the application and in the widget that appears on the home screen.

The truth is, it is a way to unite both versions, as we told you before. It also helps to use the camera at a time when QR codes are not only part of the advertisements you see on the street, but also the menus of restaurants where they hardly have a physical menu due to the corona virus.

First on Pixel phones

As usual, the great news from Android arrives before the home phones. Therefore, it will not come as a surprise that these receive this novelty earlier than the rest, although there are some who argue that it could be one of the novelties that will appear with Android 12 in the future.

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