Google makes it harder for Android apps to spy

Google is making it difficult for malicious people to spy on Android applications with the change made to developer program policies. The company has restricted the use of risky or sensitive permissions.

With this change, an Android application will not be able to see the list of other Android applications installed on the device. Only applications that need access to this list for their main function will be allowed access.

According to the message on the Google Play Console Help support page, if an app doesn’t meet the requirements, the developer must make changes to the app’s code and cut off access to the list. The changes will take effect from May 5.

This change also makes it difficult for an Android application to see other applications on the device. This also enhances the privacy and security of the user. Because an application that accesses the application inventory is also likely to be used for ad targeting or malicious purposes. Google’s updated policy emphasizes that applications must present their justifications in a very concrete way in order to access the application inventory.

Google has not failed to state that the change will only take effect when an application runs Android API level 30 targeting on devices running Android 11 or higher.

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