Google Maps may add layer overlay for COVID-19

Google Maps may add layer overlay for COVID-19

During the month of August, Google Maps gained several relevant updates that further improved the visualization of maps in the application. In one of them, the search giant began to implement more details about the vegetation and the presence of mountains and reliefs in each region. In addition, the app started to issue alerts about fires and risk areas in the United States.

Now, it looks like the Moutain View company is testing new functionality on its maps. According to Jane Manchun Wong – who is already known for predicting other application updates before their launches – Google reportedly tests to insert a layer overlaid on the map that will show relevant information about COVID-19.

Based on the images, it is possible to see some details about the new coronavirus in each region. Among the information present are data on the outbreak of the disease in the states. In addition, it is also possible to see whether there has been an increase or decrease in the number of cases at each location. However, it is not quite certain whether it will be possible to detail the numbers for specific cities.

Another important piece of information is that, apparently, the data is searched on several sites, such as Wikipedia, The New York Times, Johns Hopkins University and the Municipal Corporation of Brihanmumbai.

So far there is no information as to whether this resource will be available to the final public. But if it does, it can be accessed in the same way that traffic data and Street View information are accessed.


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