Google Maps: New Function May Improve Travel Arrangements

Google Maps tests new functionality for the search service to make life easier for users who need to search for routes or destinations while planning a trip. The “Pin to the bottom” function, something like “anchor to the bottom” in Portuguese, allows the user to select a new dock at the bottom of the screen, scroll through all the “anchored” items and click on one of them to open it.

No one doubts that Google Maps is one of the best navigational search tools when it comes to getting from point A to point B easily. However, things get complicated when the task is to compare data between different branches and locations. Since in both the desktop and mobile versions the map viewer has only one panel on the left, you have to open several tabs and go back and forth between the tabs.

How do you use the new Google Maps feature?

When selecting a location to look up Google Maps, you will see a blue “pill” with the inscription “Dock to bottom” next to the name of the selected location. When you click, you will see a small square panel at the bottom of the map open and slide up with the location you chose anchored to it.

So you can expand this search bar with different places in cards and jump over, select or delete them with a touch on the “x” that appears when you hover over the result. Released on Friday (17) by the Search Engine Roundtable website, the novelty is still in the testing phase and it is not yet known if it will ever be released in the stable version.

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