Google Meet news: time limit, ask for help

Last month, the video conferencing app Google Meet introduced “breakout rooms” to G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, a feature designed to support distance learning and allow educators to create up to 100 small video call breakout rooms.

It allows teachers with this feature to provide greater participation in their classes by dividing students into small groups.

Google Meet Breakout Rooms
And this week, Google introduced new features to improve the video conferencing experience in the breakout room:

– Request Help: Participants can ask for help when they are in a breakout room, and the moderator can view the request from the moderators panel and join the breakout room.

– Timer / countdown: the moderator can set a timer for an analysis session. Participants will see a banner to track how much time they have left in the meeting room. They will also be notified when 30 seconds remain so that they can complete the discussion, and when the time is up, the participants will be asked to return to the main conversation.

– Support for additional participants: Participants who have the video call on their mobile can also participate in a breakout room. And anonymous users can also be added to meeting rooms within two weeks.

now available

These three new features are already active and work for all Google Meet users and clients in the versions:

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Business standard
Business Plus
Enterprise Essentials
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