Home Tech Google Pay cannot be used on more than one smartphone

Google Pay cannot be used on more than one smartphone

Google Pay cannot be used on more than one smartphone

The website 9TO5Google reported today (18) that Google is launching a new security configuration for Google Pay that may pose a problem for some users: from now on, the application will be blocked from use on only one smartphone at a time.

So if you accept that nice invitation to use Google Pay (and win a prize on your first payment), you can easily configure your device for use. However, you will not be notified of this new detail during the process.

That is, after you sign in to Google Pay on a smartphone, you can no longer sign in on another device. Doing so will take you through the setup process again, but when you try to use the feature, you will receive the message ‘Your Google Pay account is being used on another device. Sign in with a different account to continue using Google Pay. “

Google bank accounts

But don’t be alarmed if this happens, as it doesn’t mean that Google Pay is blocking payments via NFC, that device that allows two electronic devices to exchange information by getting closer to each other. This support will continue to work through Google Play services with the same interface that the new interface uses.

The problem is, with the limitation, users working with multiple smartphones will be harmed when they move the so-called “Plex” bank accounts that Google is introducing in the United States starting today (18), in partnership with two banks, and plans to expand to the rest of the world.



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