Google Photos: Unlimited Storage Still Works For Some

Google Photos: From day 1, Google ended the free unlimited image backups for Google Photos. However, a mystery has puzzled some users: Why are some people able to upload photos without affecting their 15GB free storage?

The topic has appeared on some forums. But in response to the Android Police website, Google said it’s pure luck. Despite the new storage policy taking effect in early June, it hasn’t been validated for everyone at once.

According to people at Moutain View, the company is executing the policy slowly, which means that not everyone has lost the ability to upload media to Google Photos free. That is why, for example, on the first day you have already reached the maximum and that friend of yours has not, even if you send him a lot of pictures of the dishes he ate for lunch.

Can I continue to upload photos?

It’s good to be aware, though, because, as Renato Russo said, “what’s forever, always ends”. That way, your friend’s account will also be affected by the new Google Photos policy, even if it is one of the latter.

Another explanation from Google is that there is a slight delay in the processing of uploads, meaning those that have not yet been processed have not yet had an impact on the Fotos franchise.

So before you get excited and start uploading some albums that will take up your hard drive, keep in mind that there’s a chance these images will get in the way even if your save bar isn’t showing it.

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