Google Pixel 4a Rumors Latest Release Date, Price, Specs Update

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Google Pixel 4a RumorsLatest Release Date, Price, Specs Update: The Google Pixel phones have been in the industry since 2016. Google Pixel phones are easily one of the best phones in the industry, but the best quality comes at a high price!

The Google Pixel phones aren’t for commoners to buy. They are expensive but efficient. Although, in 2019, Google launched an affordable handset, Pixel 3a, and looks like a Pixel is going to come with yet another affordable handset for the Pixel 4 series.

However, this phone has rather difficult updates over the years, repeated setbacks and its failure to launch has resulted in people thinking it wouldn’t launch at all.

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So, let us dig into the details of the newest updates we have regarding the Google Pixel 4a.

Google Pixel 4a: Release Date And Prices

Please note, our estimations are via the latest leaks.

Sources say Google is going to launch the new Pixel 4a on 13th July. The phone is ready to launch, but Google is just waiting for the appropriate time to announce it.

Google Pixel 4a Details
Source: 9to5Google

However, we’ve heard, Google is trying to turn Pixel 4a into Pixel 5a, which might launch on Google’s October hardware event.


As for the prices, it seems to nail at $399. The prices for Pixel 4a are relatively affordable.


Pixel 4a: Our Anticipated Specs

We already know most of the alleged specs via the leaks. Here’s our take-

  • Operating System- Android 10
  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 730
  • Graphics- Adreno 618
  • Display- 5.81- inch; OLED 2340×1080
  • Rear Camera- 12.2MP
  • Front Camera- 8MP
  • RAM- 6GB
  • Storage- 64GB or 128GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS)
  • Battery- 3,080mAh

These are our predicted specs of the new Pixel 4a.

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Google Pixel 4a: Are The Rumours True?

Since the past six months, we’ve heard of rumors about Pixel 4a’s launch, but Google seems to delay the launch every time. The newest date has given many people hope. Let’s see if this time the rumors are correct or not.


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