Google Play Music Review: Surprising end, was it worth in 2020?


In today’s post, we will be doing google play music review.

Google Play Music probably is not as well-known as Spotify; however, it offers a good contender at a lower family plan cost than Spotify Premium. Music Products Review for streaming is important as it decides what’s best for you.

Taking into account that, the more companions you have: the more probable you need Google Play Music than you do Spotify.

Is music Dead in 2020?

The MP3 time is long dead; however, this era is all about competitors like Spotify, Google Music etc, who are doing a good job providing their streaming services.

While there’s no unlimited enjoyment without an unlimited plan, you ought to consider Google Play Music or ought to have thought of, on the grounds that it’s really good.

Lets Now understand Google play music for a better review:

What is Google Play Music?

Google Play Music would soon shut down, the company declares ...

Google Play music was the top competitor and Google’s response to streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Fun Fact: It was music streaming program launched by Google before they actually launched before YouTube which is now the default music player for many people.

Interface of play music in case you’re making the rounds, and need to hear some out tunes, simply check out the Google Play Music application. In case you’re reading this, it’s most likely that you are on your Phone.

It’s built with a simple and modern interface. The Navigation there is pretty easy too. You also get facility like radio radio (which helps you to find music similar to what you want to hear), finding band, podcast discovery, browsing the top charts.

The thing that I like the most is that you can upload your own music files and stream them anywhere. This feature is missed in Spotify.

How to use the app?
Once you have downloaded the Google Play Music app, open up the app, and do a sign in with your Google account.

Just like Spotify’s Free Subscription, there are some limitations here too, if you don’t subscribe to Google Play Music.

You will not able to play songs of your choice that you’re looking for, only radio stations. They’ll get you close to what you want, but not to specific songs.

You only have a Fixed amount of skip — lasting to six within an hour.

Finally, of course, you will also have to bear those ads, and the annoying prompt to subscribe.

None of them will be a deal breaker but they definitely make the streaming experience a bit annoying.

Location Based Suggestions – “where are you at”

How to use Google Play Music and get more than a streaming service

This is a feature that I really like. The Home page of the app shows suggestions based on your listening habits and your location.

For example, if you are working out in the gym, it’ll show you songs that are related to workout. Cool, isn’t it?

Instructions on how to use the playlists

How to add a playlist to your library - Google Play Music - Album ...

You can make playlists either on the PC or on your phone by adding down your favourite songs to the playlist and giving it a name.

That is it! From that point, you can share your playlist to the friend, co-workers, rename it, download it, or remove it.

On the off chance that you have a playlist downloaded, it will consequently download the new tracks you add to it later on.

This is valid for digital recordings and podcasts too: you can also subscribe to a podcast, and when new episodes are added, your phone will download them once your internet connection is set up.

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How does the subscription model work?

Google Play Music starts at $9.99 for every month for a single user, or $14.99 per month for its family plan. At that same day the next month, consistently, you’ll be charged, and that’s all there is to it.

You’ll have the option to tune in to music on up to 10 gadgets, and you can deactivate up to four per year. While that is somewhat irrational, it’s not something that you’ll run into issues with regularly.

The play music services will be attached to your Google account, and that is the means by which you’ll sign in to Google Account. It’s also the way how you’ll pay.

Is it the end of Google Play Music? Shouldn’t something be said about YouTube Music?

In principle, YouTube Music is that the replacement to Google Play Music—atleast it was in theory, now somewhat practice.

While Google hoped to exploit on YouTube’s prevalence for rolling out, the new application is not as useful as Google Play music.

One thing particularly that has been disappointing early adopters is that the indisputable certainty that the insane recording framework won’t permit you to highlight your own documents to playlists, nor are you ready to cast them to different gadgets. That is not a drag endured by Google Play Music supporters.

Google has started and said that they won’t resign Play Music until all the usefulness is ported over to YouTube Music, yet as of June 25, 2020 news is it resembles, they’re continuing onward in any case.

It’s an ideal opportunity to make reference to farewell to Google Play Music, and shake our clench hands at Google murdering yet one increasingly helpful assistance.

Google Play Music discontinued: how to transfer to YouTube Music

YouTube Music or Google Play Music? Google's Music Services ...

This was not a sudden announcement where Google would shut the doors to Google Play Music for good. It was in 2018 when Google announced that Google Play Music was set to come to an end without providing us with a specific date. For a long time, the company remained silent over the service’s demise. 

Now that Google has introduced transfer services that allows Google Play Music users to secure their content over to YouTube Music and Google Podcast, you know that Google Play Music is living on borrowed time. We will provide a tutorial on how to get it done.

How to transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Many say that, Google Play Music will most probably be taken over by YouTube Music, where YouTube Music has gained more compared to Google Play Music in terms of its interface and user base recently.

Hence, migrating over to YouTube Music should be a natural event without running into too many difficulties.

This is how you transfer your Google Play Music account over to YouTube Music:

  1. First of all, you need to download the YouTube Music App
  2. Tap on the Transfer button in the YouTube Music to proceed the transfer of your history and Google Play Music content.
  3. At the YouTube Music start screen, you will now be able to see updated recommendations for you.

Note: You can find out if every single last bit of music has found its way to its new home by visiting Google.

You will then receive an email once the music library is transferred. If you want a visual explanation, Google has uploaded an explanation video on YouTube.


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