Google services show instability on Monday

Google: Brazilians started the week with instability in Google Services. Some of the web giant’s main platforms were down or unstable on Monday morning (12), including Google Drive, Docs and Google Class.

Outage reports started at 9:30 am, according to the DownDetector indicator, which collects complaints from users about problems with online services. Google Drive is the platform most affected by instability and has received about 5,000 complaints because of the crash.

The biggest problem with Drive is when users try to use Google Docs. While it is still possible to access files, the platform will display an error message when creating new documents. Google An error has occurred in Documents. Please try to reload this page or come back in a few minutes, ”says the platform.

In addition to Drive and Classroom, G Suite business service also experiences instability and file copy errors that can affect businesses using the company’s infrastructure. So far, Google has not officially commented on the matter, but the company is expected to issue a statement shortly if the problem is serious, as has already occurred.

General fall?

While Google users has not yet expressed an opinion, some suspicions suggest that the problem may be widespread. According to data from, an Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (CGIbr) project that maps network interconnection points (PIXs), traffic at provider data centers is significantly low this Monday in metropolitan regions.

In addition to Google, Other companies also received complaints in the course of the morning at DownDetector, including banks such as Itaú and Nubank for malfunctions in the app and the Pix payment system. However, so far there is no proven link between the problems.

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