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Google’s Android TV Product Sabrina

Google’s Android TV Product Sabrina

Google’s new smart television apparatus has surfaced with its box. The leak on Reddit shows what kind of box design this product, code named Sabrina, has and what equipment will be in this box. It is currently unknown when Google will release this product.

US-based technology giant Google has been working on a new smart television apparatus for a long time. The leaks related to this product, codenamed “Sabrina”, have already revealed the details of the product. In fact, in a news we shared with you a short time ago, we mentioned that Sabrina’s price was revealed. The latest leak through Reddit has also revealed the box of this product.

When we look at the latest leak, we see that Google’s new smart television product is very compact. The box, which contains Sabrina, Sabrina’s remote, power cable and 2 AAA batteries, clearly highlights the “Chromecast” brand. In addition, in the box of its new product, Google also reveals Sabrina’s support for popular services such as YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix and Spotify.

Google Sabrina will offer an immersive experience for many televisions. Users will be able to experience Android TV on the TVs they connect to this product. In addition, according to the claims, this product will also have an important low latency mode for Stadia. In this way, gamers will be able to actively use Google Sabrina.

Google has not made an official statement for the Android TV device, which has been revealed in all details so far. However, Google will hold an event on September 30th. We do not know which products will be announced at this event, but Sabrina may be among the products announced. Of course, all this will be clear next Wednesday.



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