Google’s plans for Fuchsia OS have been revealed!

The veil of uncertainty about the Fuchsia OS operating system, that google unveiled five years ago, has been lifted a bit.

When Fuchsia OS was first announced, it was conceived as a continuation of Android, but over time, google’s plans for this operating system became unclear. The full version of this mysterious operating system, which first appeared in 2016, was released last year. One of the purposes for which Fuchsia, which like Android is open source, will be used, has emerged.

Fuchsia OS may appear outside of Google

fuchsia actually uses a microkernel called Zircon instead of Linux. This operating system, which is certainly not intended to operate smartphones or tablets, will largely operate smart screens. According to the job posting published by Google, more software developers are being sought Fuchsia OS. The next stops of the operating system that gave birth to Google Nest this year may be smart home assistants.

Google’s plans for Fuchsia OS have been revealed! 1
Fuchsia OS

Aside from home assistants, it’s very possible we’ll see Fuchsia OS in accessories such as smart speakers. However, Google’s goal with this operating system is to google. google want other smart accessory manufacturers to use fuchsia and both companies generate revenue thanks to this open source project.

fuchsia will likely be used in accessories that don’t handle many transactions per day. While everything we know at this point is based on a job posting, we expect Google to come a long way with this operating system. Because fuchsia is 5 years old and it is still unclear what her mission will be.

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